Functional Skills for Kids Series Welcome to the home of all the Kids Play Space contributions to this year’s most exciting, practical and information packed therapy series!

This is the ‘go to’ series for your TOP therapist tips to support children as they develop everyday skills from personal care to school day functions, community and play skills.

Hosted by Colleen at Sugar Aunts, every month will feature a different functional skill in year long, world wide collaborative project by occupational therapists and physiotherapists. Check out the full series and website links HERE.

I am thrilled to share easy links to all of Kids Play Space’s post right here, updated every month…






JANUARY: Handwriting – The Reluctant Writer 

FEBRUARY: Potty Training Instruction Tips

Handwriting - reluctant writer Pin

Potty Training Instruction Tips Pin


MARCH: Playing with Friends: Supporting Social Skills in Play 

APRIL: Visual Perceptual Skills in Dressing


Visual Perceptual Skills in Dressing KPS.001

MAY: Playground Rules to Break for Greater Play Skill Development 

JUNE: Sensory Processing and Scissor Skills – A Surprising Link

Playground Rules to Break-Kids Play Space.001

The Surprising Link Between Sensory Processing and Scissor Skills - Kids Play Space

AUGUST: The Case for More Play in the School Setting  

SEPTEMBER: Screen-Free Quiet Time When Daytime Naps are History 

More Play in School - Kids Play Space.001screen-free-quiet-time-kids-play-space

OCTOBER: Mealtime Skills, Rituals & Play – Nurturing a Love for Food 

NOVEMBER: Clothing Fasteners and Fine Motor Skill Development 

mealtime-rituals-and-play-kids-play-space     clothing-fasteners-and-fine-motor-skill-development-kids-play-space


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