The cooking obsession continues...

After extended loans from our local toy library of pretend fruit and vegetables, I made a couple of bargain purchases - a little cooking set and some toy food. ...Best investment ever. 

Seriously - this lad cooks from the minute he wakes (waddling out from his bedroom still in his sleeping bag)  - to the minute before we read his bedtime stories! 

So with a rare 45 minutes before mum's group one day, I decided to channel my inner "Play School" from years ago, and whip together a little stove/cooker. (After all, I was not able to justify paying for a cute ready made kitchen unit). 

To say that this toy has been a hit is an understatement. It has been an absolute favourite since I made it (when he was around 15 months) and 2 months on it continues to be a favourite. 

Admittedly, 2 weeks of that I confiscated the unit as I was concerned it was becoming a real obsession and wanted to encourage him to explore other things to do!!

  • 2 x nappy boxes stuck on top of each other (with a couple of 'flaps' cut off so that the top one became the oven & the bottom one - a storage cupboard)
  • 1  shoe box as the top of the cooker
  • A number of jar and plastic container lids stuck on as hotplates and buttons (As my little cherub was 'helping' me out, I went through a number of other (more attractive) ways to attach the buttons/dials, so they could spin/turn... but, they were quickly ripped off, so I resorted to lashings of tape!!
  • A collection of old food containers/tins for fun!
Post note:
If you'd like to see how we 'refurbished' this stove/cooker over a year on, (as it remains a favourite play space in our home), check out our DIY Stove/Coooker 2.0

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    1. You are so creative. I never would have thought of that. Great idea!

    2. Thanks Nancy! I highly recommend giving this one a shot!! :-) (ps. would be much quicker putting together whilst little one is sleeping!)


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