Kids' Play Spaces - the beginning

Hi there!
I am a first time mama, enjoying watching my little boy grow and develop. When it comes to encouraging developmental milestones and entertaining the little one, I have a real desire to be creative and resourceful.

It feels fantastic watching my son enjoy the 'toys' or 'play spaces' I've thrown together quickly (gross understatement - some days I feel like chucking a party having managed to wash the dishes or have a shower!), cheaply (or for free - my favourite price) and sustainably (re-using and recycling wherever possible...).

Professionally, I have a background in occupational therapy (including some work in paediatrics), which I think has given me some confidence in trying to use the space we have here at home in the best possible way to promote play during the day (which can sometimes be challenging in a small 2 bed unit!) and to try to incorporate play (and therefore learning) into our everyday activities.

As my son is now 16 months old, I'll aim to include ideas as I try them, and every so often, I'll share a 'baby flashback' - sharing an idea from earlier. I'd love for my posts to inspire other mums, but I'd also really love to hear from others - any other ideas, thoughts or comments...

I am aware that many mums, particularly with more than 1 child, may think I have way too much time on my hands! Well, possibly... but I only have 1 child - and I am incredibly passionate about nurturing children's growth and development in an environmentally responsible way. So as these precious, special early months and years quickly pass, I thought this would be a way of recording a little of how we spend our days together :-)  This is my journey. Here's to play and 'play spaces'! Enjoy!

Best wishes,


  • I make no claims whatsoever to being a top artist, or that my ideas are very original, or even that the outcome is the prettiest, best that I am capable of! Luckily, babies and children are very kind critics, and couldn't care less about aesthetics!
  • I also acknowledge that the photography is often fairly average - please understand that it's usually a miracle I've managed to capture the moment/play space/ idea at all!!
  • Finally, as I plan to whip this blog up in totally random moments here and there - somewhere between changing another nappy, cleaning up food on the floor for the millionth time and singing yet another verse of "The wheels on the bus" whilst vacuuming... I apologise for spelling errors (or indeed general nonsense) in advance!!!
Also, I have a squirmy, grizzly boy on my lap who is more than ready to play, so just before we fly... here's a few words from him:

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