Let the crazy collecting begin...

The moment I decided to make as many 'play spaces' for little B. as I could myself ... at least to far out number the big brand, big money making toy company items... was the moment our home became a quasi recycling plant. Seriously, sometimes our living space resembles a recycling junk yard after a hard session at play... which actually brings a big smile to my face:-)

So,  here's a (non -exclusive) list of items worth keeping.
  • bottle tops
  • plastic and jar lids
  • plastic containers with lids, 
  • tins with lids, 
  • shoe boxes/ other interestingly shaped boxes
  • beer bottle tops
  • bread plastic toggles (??!!)
  • nappy boxes
  • cardboard cylinders (foil/glad wrap/ wrapping paper)
  • orange/onion mesh bags - or at least the material cut as neatly as possible
  • old gift wrapping paper, cards, bags, ribbons, 
  • post packs/bubble wrap, post cylinders,
  • old sticky tape reels
  • egg carton
... oh the list could go on and on and on....!!!!!!!

**Note: I do not wish to promote any brands for containers etc, but obviously some are better than others for use after the consumables are gone - you just need to keep a lookout. 

Plus, super cheap things you may spy in the shops... (although, I realise this is a sore point for me - not knowing what kind of conditions/labour is hiding silently behind the amazingly cheap prices.
  • mesh laundry bags,
  • 'art stuff' (stickers, crayons, paint, brushes...)
  • pipe cleaners, glitter, bells, other arty bits and bobs...
Apart from these things, I just try to use normal, everyday, household, nature related, and stationary items.

Oh, and a digital camera or phone that takes photos is indispensable!!

Before throwing anything out, ask yourself if you could ever imagine it to be used as a part of a toy, game, musical instrument, art activity... Perhaps the only limitations are: 1. Hygiene and safety (if it can't be cleaned well enough or may be sharp/at risk of being dangerous); 2. Storage space (this is always an issue living in a small unit); and 3. Your imagination!

So, happy collecting :-)



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