Flashback - Pregnancy

I absolutely loved being pregnant!
I loved feeling my baby's kicks and turns, my changing - growing body, even the nausea early on and the swollen elephant like ankles later on...it was all a very real reminder that my little baby was developing and preparing for the world. Most of all, and this only became truly apparent after the birth, I loved that I could protect my baby so easily. I could rub my belly, sing to it, eat, sleep, dance, relax... whatever!
Once he was born terror overcame me as I realised that a whole new way of protecting him was necessary - I was responsible for making him feel loved, safe, warm, clean, fed, entertained and rested 24 hours a day, 7 days per week, and it was (is) relentless!! I also became responsible for nurturing his continued development in the big wide world and this meant a new occupation: creating 'play spaces'. And so the exciting, terrifying, wonderful, challenging, exhausting, beautiful journey began...


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