Mummy's little laundry helper

Hangin' out with pegs ...

The repetitive task of hanging out the clothes and collecting them is a great opportunity for little ones to:

  • practise strength and coordination - pegs are fantastic for developing hand skills: from simple grasping and releasing, to fine pincer gripping. We've been practising handing the pegs to each other, getting the pegs out and putting them back into the peg bag one at a time;
  • follow instructions;
  • practise counting and identifying colours;
  • practise words - clothing items;
  • feel 'part of the action' instead of being pushed to the side to entertain themselves again;
  • understand a laundry routine and feel good helping mum (or dad) - Surely its never too early to start promoting the expectation that everyone living in the house has to help out!

"Play gives children a chance to practice what they are learning"
Fred Rogers
American television personality


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