Shake, Rattle 'n Roll...

Fun, easy, noisy, shaker bottles!

Inspired by the raving success of the 'little blue bottle with a spoon of rice in it', this is a sample of a collection of shakers I made over a couple of weeks - a bit here and there.

I think I must have been breastfeeding a fair bit still, when I collected lots of 1.25L (soda/mineral water) bottles*. ...By the way, pancake mix bottles - not so great on the waist, but the inbuilt handles are genius :-)

Washed, with the labels removed, I had a bit of fun putting random things inside to make the shakers more visually exciting. I tried to get the bottles to each make a different sound, and have items inside which moved about differently. They really did not need to be filled very much for a great effect.

1st birthday party
  • Pipe cleaners
  • glitter
  • bells
  • rice, lentils (different colours /types)
  • balls of kitchen aluminum foil
  • ribbon
  • bits of wrapping paper
  • tissue paper pieces
  • straw wrapping ribbon
  • shells
  • sand
  • old clothes pegs
  • buttons
  • paper clips
  • keys
  • beads (little animals, pearls, shapes)               
  • ... whatever is handy  - there are no rules!!
So that the bottles looked a bit interesting in all positions, (and not just large empty space with a few bits on the bottom), I tried to use thing which were long, or attached a bit to the inside rims of the bottles so that the ribbons etc would dangle down. I also popped a number of bits in that are generally 'forbidden' (unsafe) for kids to play with - but can still be admired from outside the bottle!

Whilst it is definitely great for kids' visual development for their eyes to practise adjusting to black/white (high contrast) colours/patterns and lots of bright, even flourescent colours (as per most commercially available toys); I think it is also good to throw in some 'dirty', 'natural' shades too - other colours found in real life (straw, barley, sand, browns/beiges, olive greens, dark maroon reds etc...).

Pulling out a pile of these shakers has been a top success for play dates with other little kids too!
  • dancing/singing to music
  • rolling across the floor
  • exploring the contents
  • manipulating in, and swapping between hands
  • choosing and sharing
Cautionary note: supervision advised to ensure the lids stay on - unless the lids are glued in place

* I know, I know, it's still just bubbly water, but served in a champagne glass, I'm sure I'm not alone in finding sparkling mineral water a bit more 'special' ;-) !!!
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