The element of surprise!

Sometime in the mid 1980s, around 9 or 10 years of age, mum took us to the Royal Melbourne Show. Those were the good old days, with plenty of free country/farm produce samples, animals etc... Sure, the Bertie Beetle show bag was still around, but I was most excited about getting a tinsel wig. 
Just the other morning, I'd had enough of the grizzles and whines from a not-so-well little fella. I walked away, not sure what my next move was going to be, but I needed to take a deep breath before continuing with the breakfast routine.
Passing a box that I needed to put back into our storage cupboards, I found my saviour... Hello! I knew I kept that stupid, sparkly tinsel wig all these years for some reason!!!
He was so surprised and distracted, I think he forgot what he was 'supposed' to be moaning about:-)

3 cheers for the good old (if, slighty musty smelling) tinsel wig!!!


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