Tummy time disco magic

Perfect for tummy time... 
improving head/neck/back/upper arm strength and stability.

This box converted into a little baby disco was a big hit. The discs work a bit like mirrors, reflect lots of colours/light, and the hanging ones spin and rock around.

The box doubles as a home for 'musical instruments' now, and even though my baby is well and truly past the tummy time practise phase, it's still fun to stand up the 'disco' for a bit of atmosphere!! Torches heighten the effect, and bells attached to ribbons could be good too.

1 x fruit and vegie home delivery box
Some coloured paper (scissors & glue)
Old/unwanted/scratched CDs/DVDs

Supervision recommended. Maybe the box could be secured so it doesn't fall/get pulled down.

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'til soon,
happy playing!

Anna :-)


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