Wonderful window sills!

I couldn't even get trousers back on this little munchkin after his afternoon nap, before he toddled excitedly into the living room to explore the window ledge I'd decorated in about 20 seconds flat. ie. ...throwing half the toys left on the floor from before the nap into a box and saving a random other half for the window 'display' - giving me a chance to see the floor again, focus on what I needed to do, and hopefully re-direct his movements in our little unit to another 'play space' once he woke up. Also, I was a bit tired of Mr 16 months trying to climb up onto our kitchen table, so appealing to his climbing desires, this set up worked a treat! Ahhh, gotta love the little 'mountain goat phase'!


  1. wow! wonderful blog. Enjoying it. Keep it up.

  2. Thanks Dean!! Cheers, Anna & hbvlkj xrc gb gbe smrgrrs mtmtmsjkkjz5rusbavxbt frcgv bxz7ueqwd


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