Bedroom post office

Why is there a post box attached to Master B's shelving?
  • He has been going through a 'posting' phase - every little thing is being pushed through the gaps between the kitchen gate posts, and poked in little holes and containers all over the place. 
  • He also loved the little post box we loaned from the toy library so we thought a more permanent one might be a good idea!
  • It saves space - we can still use the shelving - even underneath the postbox. 
  • The actual posting is challenging his upper arm stability - so far, we have had to do a lot of '2 handed posting' and a little assistance, to aim the letter correctly through the post box opening at the front. Hence, he seems to have favoured access via the side of the box.
  • Handling the actual letters is great for hand manipulation and coordination.
  • Identifying the people on the photos is great practise  - in recognising who's who and saying names. (- Especially important, as half of the family lives overseas)
  • Imaginary play opportunities: posting letters to different family members and giving them to family members who visit. 

    • an old, small cardboard box
    • red paper
    • black texta
    • clear contact/tape
    • cardboard from the recycling bin
    • some printed envelope images
    • photos
    • sticky backed valcro to attach to shelving unit
    ** It was a little time consuming to make all the letters (compared to my usual 'instant' efforts!!) - but well worth it considering the time spent playing with them :-)

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