It's all about location, location, location

Instead of presenting my baby with more toys, different toys, or new toys... I am a huge fan of simply re-locating toys (both favourites and those not given much love recently) to be re-discovered! It's like a fun game of 'hide and seek' - once discovered and played with a bit, he has enjoyed joining in with hiding the toys again and surprising me with them! 

It has involved randomly popping toys inside cardboard boxes, cloth bags, tins, (any easily accessible container - large and small), and covering various other soft toys/animals/toys with blankets, wraps, or even old wrapping paper - not always very well mind you, the odd leg or puppy dog nose appearing from underneath the cover has added to the excitement. Then, positioning them in unusual spots around the place (on a chair seat, under a table or chair, on a window sill, in a bookshelf, in the middle of the floor, in a corner, wherever ... dotted around keeps him out of trouble as he is more distracted by these hidden toys  than ... say, the stereo or computer on the top of the table!!!)

He loves exploring his environment, and is becoming expert at doing so in lightning speed - latching onto anything identified as 'new' (eg. TV remote control or handbag left out in accessible range accidentally). So creating new opportunities for unpacking, packing, hiding, and discovering - not only slows down the speed at which he can rip through the well known home environment, but also gives him some problem solving and hand skill practise.


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