Little inflatable paddling pool - all year round!

In Summer, this cheap little pool was wonderful for a cool down, and a bit of sensory play outside...

...and although it can be easily deflated, compressed to next to nothing and packed away, it has rarely been out of use! Filled with different things over time - balloons (supervision advised), balls, blocks, different fabrics/materials - including a large, fabulously 'scrunchy' and impossible to tear piece of gift wrapping paper from his 1st birthday (!!), building blocks, old curtains, small cushions... 

When he was learning to crawl, positioning him over the edge of the pool so he could play with toys etc inside the pool, helped him to lift his tummy and get up onto 'all fours'.  

Now it's a great prop for the nursery rhyme: "Mr Frog jumped out of the pond one day, and found himself in the rain. Said he to himself I might catch a cold... ahhhhh choooooo!... so he jumped in the pond again" as well as being incorporated in 'obstacle courses' around the house (read: between his bedroom and the living room!!!), and hiding toys amongst materials... Oh, and occasionally Master B. also gets in amongst it all! :-)

What other toys are great indoor/outdoor - all year round toys?


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