Love the pre-loved: Toy library

Toy libraries are fantastic resources!  

They are perfect for:
  • babies to preschoolers (mainly),
  • providing lots of different play opportunities on a budget (toys can be very expensive - whereas a toy library annual membership is minimal, with options available depending on how many toys you wish to loan at a time, and members contribute to the operation of the toy library through a small number of duty hours),
  • the growing, changing needs and wants of babies/young children, who often may be interested in a particular toy for a few weeks (or until that puzzle is mastered), and then be ready to try something different,
  • the environment (a sustainable approach to toy use)
  • families living in small apartments (like us!) with extremely limited storage for toys! (we borrow toys as we are ready for them, enjoy playing with them, then return them !

If you live in Victoria/Australia -you can check where your nearest, local toy library is,  as well as find out more about toy libraries in general via this website: 
If you live elsewhere, I'd love to know if you also have access to toy libraries. 

What's your favourite toy library toy?


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