Chillout idea: kids' quiet space

We have a little circus tent, with a mini sofa, cushions, soft toys and books. It's our little one's chill out space. It's always set up (but could easily be dismantled and packed away). Life as a kid can be busy, hectic, noisy, tiring, and generally 'full on'! So, maybe it's not surprising that at least once daily, our little kid takes himself off to this quiet area of his own initiative for a bit of a chill out!

It needn't be a tent though, a corner, area under a table, or somewhere half tucked away, with a cushion, blanket, and a couple of favourite soft toys and books ('quiet toys') is a great way to encourage kids to monitor their own energy, recognise when they are experiencing a bit of a 'system overload', and take a minute or two to relax. 


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