Flashback - a wild material ocean!

Back when our little one was a confident 'roller', 'swiveller', and 'lurcher', but still working on a lop-sided mix between 'on land breaststroke' and an army commando crawl (around 7 months old)... I used to cover our living room floor with different terrains like a giant ocean, with materials of varying textures and doonas/blankets/towels to provide some softer padding on our wooden floorboards and a bit of a gross motor challenge. I have to say - sorry for the quality of this photo - but it captured a funny moment when I was surprised by a slippery sea creature sliding quickly towards me!! Needless to say, he'd found his own way under this old curtain, so supervision is probably a good idea:-) Easy, quick, fun, free, sensory, indoor entertainment/ wet-day timetable winner:-)


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