Car wash time!

Washing and cleaning the car with a little one around who is confident running off into the sunset without a care in the world, is a tad stressful living on a busy road with no fence - a situation we cannot change due to shared body corporate property.

Nevertheless, the time came when the car was screaming for some love!

We started with a little highchair foam and sponge action as I sprinted about the exterior like a possessed Daniel-son from Karate Kid, 'wash on, wash off'... and splashing a bit of water towards the highchair as well as the car to mix it up a bit and keep life interesting:-) ...

Followed by a turn in the driver's seat which was super exciting - expecially discovering how to independently beep the horn, while I gave the car a final rub down/dry, knowing it was all about speed... 'how many beeps of the horn by a 19month old can be considered ok by the neighbours?" An added surprise for me was hopping in the car the next time we needed to go somewhere and having the radio, fan, air con etc going like crazy!! 

And finally, when vacuuming, Master B. was moved to the back seat, and helped by passing me the different attachments, and providing general entertainment. I'm looking forward to a little more safety awareness development so I needn't stress so much at the front of the house, but in the meantime... I'm open to any other suggestions!!!


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