Little pot of pictures...

All of those cut out pictures I'd collected from the junk mail, old catelogues, etc, came in handy when I decided to make a little pot of pictures. I wrote the name of the object on the back, contacted them onto card (for a little durability!), and popped them all into an old yoghurt container. 

It's a great tool for us to use to practise our 2nd language and we can play all sorts of games including (and certainly not limited to):
  • Find a picture (Where's the hat?)
  • Name a picture (What is that?)
  • Memory games
  • Sorting games (Let's find things that are blue!)
  • Surprise picture (Pick a picture out of the pot! - What is it? What do we know about that object?)
  • Story time (Let's make up a story about one of the pictures)
  • Tip them all out (...let's face it - it's spectacular!!) and post them back into the pot again (Let's try to use just our thumb, index and middle fingers - good gripping practise!)


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