Campaign for gender neutral toys!

I believe that all kids - boys and girls, should have the same play opportunities, and their interests should be encouraged, free from social or cultural stereotyping  - which often leads to the activities being labelled as for boys or girls exclusively through colour or advertising. In fact, there's no reason why a little boy's toybox should look any different from a little girl's! 

Tea sets needn't be pink with little flowers, baby toy prams needn't come with a pink and purple striped insert, and toy kitchens needn't be pink. Our little boy loves cooking, and taking his little dolls/teddies for walks. Nothing against the colour pink - but it doesn't feel right in this day and age, that our boy should have to play with everything in PINK just because these toys may have previously been only girls' toys. 

Here's to letting children be children, and encouraging a broad range of play opportunities - regardless of gender!

My brother (who, unlike me, can sew), replaced the insert of this little toy pram (which we found at the op shop for $1) with something a bit more 'boyish' to counter the all pink frame!!

This much loved tea set is rare indeed, being coloured with bright, primary colours, rather than... well,  more PINK!!!!


  1. I can't stand those pink aisles at the toy shop... good luck with your campaign. I hope you win!

    1. I agree with the pink aisles! (... & don't get me started on the seemingly ever expanding Barbie section!!!! Wrong wrong wrong!!!)- and thanks! May we ALL win!!!


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