Christmas fun!

We had a really fun lead up to Christmas 2012 with B (aged 21mths)- here's a snap shot of some of the shenanigans we got up to - left to our own devices, and also during a play date with a little friend too...

1. TINSEL SPRINTS: This is not code for anything or the name of a complicated game - it involved running and turning about every space in the house, squealing with delight at the long, sparkly tinsel following behind ... seriously - so much fun from a length of sparkly tinsel!!
2. ROLY POLY TINSEL PUPPIES: no explanation required...

3. STICKY SANTA BEARD PICTURES - A little preparation for a lot of fun: We printed off an online Santa face colour in picture, cut out the beard and tip of the hat, then stuck clear contact to the back of the picture so the sticky side faced front/up, stuck it all onto red paper to make the area needing cotton wool bits stand out more, then secured the whole thing to a folded piece of cardboard (recycled from new set of recently bought cot sheets I believe - I was impressed from an OT perspective that this created a nice little sloped surface, encouraging wrist stability/ hand control - A lever arch folder would have had the same effect!) The kids had fun feeling the sticky surface, and putting the cotton balls on. Actually, even with only one cotton ball  - the whole surface can be covered in a soft white coating, which feels fantastic! 


4. INTERACTIVE STICKY CHRISTMAS TREE PICTURES (WITH "LIGHTS" or "DECORATIONS") - A similar idea to the santa picture, but these little bits the kids stuck on the tree can be put on/off or repositioned over and over again!

5. LITTLE DRUMMER BOY AND JINGLE BELL ROCKERS... With Christmas carols playing away, we set the kids free with bells on their ankles, and 'drums' and wooden spoons - they really got into it!

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  1. Really cute ideas... love them all. :)

    1. Thanks so much! You've made my day:-) Thanks for stopping by - your site looks great by the way:-)


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