Flashback - "Happy Feet"

Too much time on my hands? Well, if the universe is telling me it's time for a tap dance, who am I to argue?

When my little one was around 7 months old, my life seemed pretty busy, as I would try to fit in the mundane, everyday chores (shopping, cleaning, laundry, cooking etc...) around my most important role and responsibility: being the best mum I could be.

So, one day, perhaps reminiscing about how much I loved to tap dance, I dedicated some of my precious time to adapting one of the most fun things to do (in my humble opinion!) into an activity for my baby to enjoy! After all, why not? There are so many sensory focused toys out there that allow babies to explore touch, sound, movement, colours, patterns, lights, etc... particularly for babies to reach out with their hands. But what about the feet? I've seen some cute little socks and ankle bands with bells and shakers attached, and of course any toy can be positioned for feet to explore too.

However, this kiddo was a 'kicker' - I mean seriously! He would kick for such a massive portion of his waking moments, that I remember thinking "does this baby just burn off all the calories I have fed him through kicking?"

Well, on this particular day, I stopped wondering how this little music lover and hyperactive 'kicker' would respond to my tap dancing set up. I swept clear a line of books, pulled the laminated bookshelf out, collected my unscrewed taps, and a few sturdy elastic bands - pressed play on the CD player, set up my phone to capture the big, highly anticipated, premier performance on camera (poor camera didn't know what to focus on once left to its own devices - hence the flipping in and out of focus!!) and ... "ACTION"...

The video quality is extremely poor, but it's still possible to see a sample of the fun we had in these clips, which was time undoubtedly, incredibly well spent!! How do I know this for sure? Well, quite simply, I don't remember which stains were removed from clothing, what we had for dinner, how many nappies I changed, or what dust our vacuum collected that day, but I will always, always, cherish our first tapping adventure!


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