Sure, I could have easily just bought a readily available toy pizza which comes with cute little vegie bits to put on the pizza base, made myself a cup of tea and put my feet up for 5 minutes ... but apart from some extra $$ in my wallet, there may have been a little niggling feeling remaining... that I could have completed another DIY toy!!! And this one is so easy!

Master B. is a little chef from dawn to dusk, so these little make your own pizzas give him something else to cook in his (home made) oven. Although my little creation makes more than one pizza (great for a playdate activity), it doesn't allow for the pizza to be cut and put back together like a puzzle (possible I suppose, but I thought the plastic edges may be a bit sharp once cut!!)

At least, the little coloured pieces of felt allow for plenty of chatting and imagining! (What are we we making?, what are we putting on the pizza? - which vegetables? what shapes? colours? how many pieces?) Then, they can go in the oven for cooking, served for someone, and be (pretend) eaten!!

Materials used: plastic plates (white plates with red paper circles as the tomato paste stuck on were abandoned for red plastic plates as my glue wasn't working so well on the plastic!), sticky backed spiky valcro cut into little bits, coloured felt cut into different shapes.

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