Take it outside!

Amongst the cold and dreary winter days, there are times when the sun does break through. In these moments, it's sometimes worth dropping the house chores for a bit, picking up bubs and possibly also whatever they are playing with, and heading outside for some fresh air! In the early days, my lunches consisted of grabbing whatever was at hand when I opened the fridge - a piece of ham, a few olives, a bit of dip and crackers...  I still (very often) do this. However, if I'm super organised I might make lunch in advance. After tipping my lunch out of it's bowl into a plastic container and setting up picnic at our corner park on a few occasions, I think I even started just making up my lunch in plastic containers directly, optimistically, "just in case" (and saving on washing up too!) ... Ahhhhhh! Lovely! (...Can't say I'm missing work too much!!!)


  1. Love the photo of Master B looking or rugged up and dreamy eyed.

    1. Me too!! It's a hard life for a babe, hey!


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