Travelling toy bag

We flew interstate with family this weekend, and apart from a couple of mini hard page books, we took a little 'mystery pouch' of toys - a few little things to keep little hands busy! ( - a ribbon, an old jewellery purse, a few unused bank card holders, a link piece, a buzzing bee shaker which can be balanced on a finger, a trashy zip up purse, a cube with a train on the inside - which can be moved around by winding it up with a fingertip, a little round container with lid, a little plastic spatula for my little chef!)

When he was younger these same bits were good from a sensory perspective - feeling different textures/materials, and little toys with sounds... Now, he is working on some fine motor manipulation skills - putting lids on/off containers and working out zips, press studs, valcro, hooks; putting things in/out of the pouch, etc; and often talks to his little teddies/soft toys - so I had to include a little one! I tried to select things he had not seen/played with for a while in the hope of a greater interest factor... and it worked! It definitely kept him happily busy while we were out for lunch, awaiting our meals!


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