Baby flashback: the TV-less play space!

"Excuse me super cute and inquisitive little Master 7 months old ... but mummy and daddy are a bit tired (read: ridiculously sleep deprived rendering them useless!) and as a special daytime treat, just want to flop mindlessly in front of the television for a bit! Feel free to enjoy exploring this new temporary play space, custom designed specifically to obstruct your view of the actual TV screen, (although you may experience some of its lights and sounds). Thanks for your understanding baby! Love you so much! Mwah!"


Note: We've managed to keep our house a TV -free zone during our little one's waking hours until only very recently; including wearing headphones to further block out any "passive TV" and to keep the noise down, sometimes with music playing softly into the rest of the room... sneaky hey??!!  -Something we are both pretty proud of! At about 20-21 months, we started to introduce a little TV, in our main language, only occasionally (say 10-30 mins weekly/ fortnightly) with the main purpose being to include a wider range of language experiences into our 'English as a second language home'. His interest levels have varied, but mainly he loves to dance about during the songs! 

But... I know that every house has its own set of different routines and ideas when it comes to TV... I'm not being judgmental - just confident that what we've been doing has worked for us ... so far!!


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