New Year's decorations

Happy New Year!! Taking down the decorations ... just when you think it's a little bit sad... oh, they are the gifts that just keep giving!!! Like the tinsel pre-Christmas (see post here ), the streamers are a bit of easy fun, and you might be surprised how kids decide to play with them. Play 'components', or random bits and pieces offered to kids such as these streamers, can really fuel their imaginative play time, and as long as they are varied in texture and not 100% plastic - they can also give a burst of sensory exploration! ... but more on 'play components' another time :-)

So, next time the decorations need to be brought down - don't be in too much of a hurry to reach the bin/storage, seize another little play opportunity!


  1. What a great idea.

    Anything is can turn into a toy and playtime for a youngen!


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