Sunday morning pancakes

Who doesn't love pancakes on a lazy Sunday morning? While we Facetime/Skype with family and friends in Europe, our little 21 month old chef not only has breaky, but cooks it too! He adds the ingredients into the mixing bowl, mixes, and then intermittently helps to move them around the pan with the spatula... then once they are cut up and in his bowl with a little apple puree 'dipping sauce', he re-cooks some of them (as he eats) on his little toy fry pan!

Easy, tasty, healthy recipe of the day: Wholemeal apple pancakes
1. Mix dry ingredients:
1 cup wholemeal self raising flour
a good few generous shakes of cinammon
a handful of sultanas/raisons 

2. Add wet ingredients:
1/3 cup milk
2 eggs
1/2 mashed banana
apple puree (stewed apples, skin on, with just a little water, no sugar , pureed) - enough to make a good consistency (thick, but still falling off the spoon/ladel without needing to shake it off) - approx 1-2 cups (plus extra for serving)

3. Dollop the mixture onto a medium hot pan with a touch of olive oil (a few minutes either side - flip the first side once it starts bubbling/is firm)

4. To serve: squeeze lemon juice over the pancakes, sprinkle with sugar (unnecessary for little people), more cinnamon, and add apple puree on the side. Optional extra: yoghurt.



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