Trashy fun!

Master B. puffs out his chest, stands tall and walks with purpose, looking like he must be feeling very important and responsible when he helps us to take out or bring in the bins each week! They tower over his little body and can get pretty heavy, so it is definitely a shared job.

The other day, we cut down the bottles with bits in them that were hanging on the 'musical clothes horse' (see blog post here ), and now they have become a different source of entertainment... rubbish for his little outdoor storage wheelie bin. - They get tipped out, shaken, thrown in, and carted about.

Once I left the gate open as I was out the front washing the car, and a little person with a mini wheelie bin marched past me on a mission, and continued up the street without looking back!

... Unfortunately, I didn't get to find out where that bin was headed...


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