Applying suncream - it's child's play!

In Summer, especially here in Australia, we cannot be careful enough when it comes to protecting delicate young skin. It's about constantly keeping covered - hats, T-shirts (rash/swim vests if getting wet, to avoid burning) - long sleeved where possible, finding shade, and avoiding full sun between 11-3. And of course, it's about going through copious amounts of whatever the highest level protection suncream is available for sensitive baby/toddler skin.

Rather than thinking of it as a tedious hassle, applying sunscreen can be yet another play opportunity!!

1. Putting dots and stripes on your little one's arms and legs to be rubbed in by them is a sensory activity in itself.  Feeling the slimy, moist cream not only on the hands, but also along the lengths of the limbs sends messages to the brain about hand and body position and movement.
2. Of course, we need to step in a little to ensure good coverage, but it's an opportunity to practise being independent. (He often has a go at getting the cream out too - but this requires a bit more care and control!!)
3. If I'm lucky, he'll also help to rub in my sunscreen on my arms and legs!!!
4. It's fun!


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