Sand and water

1. A container (bucket, tub, baby bath...)
2. Water (a little)
3. Sand (again, only a little is required!)
4. A little table/chair/bench for kids who like to stand and move about on their feet - otherwise on the ground is fine too, preferably set up outdoors.
5. A few 'tools' can make it a bit more interesting - spoons, scoops, cups, old potplant pots, whatever!! ...

That's it - let little fingers enjoy squelching through their own cool, slushy, sloppy, sandy, 'ploppy' mixture!!

And for the clean up brigade - we only had to drain or pour away any excess water (so as not to attract our little mosquito friends), wait for the sand to dry (overnight) and worry about it (or not) 'maƱana'!


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