Art storage & puzzle table

Recently I decided that Master B needed another little table top for activities. So, using the same idea as the homemade oven (see post here ), I stuck a couple of nappy boxes together, chose some of his artwork, made a plain 'table top', so that it would be easier to focus on puzzle pieces, books, etc, and covered the whole thing in clear contact for a bit of protection and durability.

The 2 little drawers/shelves serve well as storage areas for puzzles or other bits and bobs... Whatever seems to be the lucky 'flavour of the month'!

So far it has been utilised as a puzzle table, a place to read books, a space to look at pictures from his 'little pot of pictures' (see post here), a baby / teddy change table (blog post to follow), a (toy) vegetable cutting board, and a tea party table for his soft toy animal, teddy & doll collection! As it's use does tend to vary, it's worked well as a spot for storing toys/puzzles borrowed from the local toy library which also regularly change.

There are so many art storage ideas. Here's a selection of links packed with great ideas:
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How do you store or display your child's art?
Where do you keep puzzles and where does your child like to play with them?


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