Baby wearing kids' play space!

Baby wearing, a part of attachment parenting, has been an important part of everyday life in our family. Attachment Parenting Australia writes that "carrying or “wearing” your baby creates a safe and loving environment for your baby and fulfills his need for close physical contact. Babies cry less when worn or being held. Carrying or wearing your baby also helps you get to know your baby because your baby is so close to you." (see full website here) You can also check out other baby wearing websites:
The baby wearer
Baby wearing international

Why do we love it?
- Baby loves it! I'd love to know how babies can tell if you are standing or sitting! What is so different between rocking in the chair and rocking back and forth whilst on our feet? Whatever the difference - babies seem to be able to know!!
- Mummy and daddy can both take turns in providing another  'kids' play space' for Master B  wherever and whenever!
- We can all head outside for fresh air and to see 'the world', without having to worry about packing/unpacking and negotiating stairs, crowds, bush/beach terrains etc... with a pram!
- More kisses on baby's head!
- More cuddles and holding hands and feet!
- More interactions together - smiling, talking, singing, giggling...
- There was a time - around 6-10 months - when he liked being in our arms to settle, slowly dancing, moving or rocking. That started to cause us back and neck problems! ... The baby carrier saved us and kept everyone happy!
- Even 'nana' and 'grandad' could easily keep him happy, content and then settled for sleep with the sling.
- Travelling overseas with a 9-10 month old, dealing with an approximately 40 hour 'door-to-door' journey one way, was challenging! BUT - made so much easier and more comfortable with the sling.
- You can go about your usual daily chores, and baby can watch and learn too, feeling part of the action!
- Life is generally easier!
- It's fun :-)

Babies are only little for such a short time. I can't recommend baby carriers highly enough - so if you haven't explored them yet, I implore you to go and try some on!! It's not important to purchase new slings/carriers -  maybe borrow a friend's, or look at second hand sales (op shops, websites online...)

Beautiful words found on The Natural Parent facebook page...

Here's a little family photo gallery...

Does 'skin to skin' time classify as baby wearing? ... If not, then it's certainly a close relative! (1 day old)
At the Queen Victoria Market, with Daddy (nearly 5mths)

Great view from here! (nearly 5mths)
Day trip to the beach, with Daddy (6mths)
Love falling asleep on Mama (nearly 7mths)
Daytrip to meet great grandmother on the Gold Coast (QLD) - (7mths)
Travelling with Mama - all wrapped up, sleeping bag over the sling - to see a Christmas parade on a European winter's night... despite the cold, crowds, music and excitement, he still nodded off to sleep within a few minutes! (9mths)
Enjoying the Dandenongs (approx 12mths)
Another wander in the Dandenongs - starting with a little neck massage for Mama! (22mths)

...I would have loved a woven/wrap sling when our little one was very little, but the early months were such a blur- I think he was just in my arms much of the time... and I also think it may have taken a couple of months to even leave the house!!!! 

Our newest baby carrier is a soft structured one (Manduca), rather than this framed backpack, which can be worn on the back/side/front- I can't wait to use it lots!! (photo to follow...)

What has been your favourite baby carrier?


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