2nd Birthday Tea Party in the Park

One month ago, our little boy turned 2! I had so much fun planning and preparing for his 2nd birthday tea party in the park! Although I tried to keep it simple and focus on a few of Master B's favourite things - somehow, it became something of a production! I can't help it - I love kids' parties (and 'play spaces') SO much! I'll let these few snapshots tell the story...

Little B & his friends were busy in the weeks leading up to the event - finger, brush & print painting these cut out aeroplanes which we hung from the rotunda in the park along with cut out clouds, kites, hot air balloons & some actual balloons! 

What a star Nana is for making a whole bunch of adorable aprons with matching chef hats for all the mini chefs attending (they were added to the gift bags later for the kids to take home too) ! Also found in the thank you bags: play doh, cookie cutter, homemade/laminated stove top - ready for any cooking emergency - anytime, any place! - And on the reverse side of the stove top = a cheat sheet of toddler sensory cooking recipes - playdohs, cloud dough, bubble dough, slime/ goop/ gak .... 

Packing the (4 little) kitchens, tressle tables, stools and other paraphernalia onto the ute with the help of a good friend!... Not being able to host the party in our small unit meant a very detailed list of things to take/pack so as not to forget anything! It was like taking the party on tour! So many people helped out with cooking, transporting, decorating etc... I seemed to just be a kind of project coordinator!!! Thankfully the sun got the memo and came out making it a glorious day!

My little chef...

 "Is it hot?... I cooking" ...

We had 8-10 buckets of cooking 'loose parts'... carrots, onions, potatos, apples, tan bark, water, whisks, large fruits, wooden spoons, tongs, jugs, mini pots and pans, cup cake holders, plastic plates and spoons, and a picnic rug in a tent with teapots, cups, saucers, spoons, trays etc for a teddy bear's picnic area, and a large play doh cooking bench...

Food time... an Aussie BBQ  - vegie kebabs & sausages & salads...
... at a 2 year old's sized table with laminated photo place cards  - too cute! (also added to the thank you bags)

Hugs and kisses all round :-) ...awwww!

The little chefs were busy and hard at work all day! There was plenty for the slightly older kiddos to do too:-)

"So many elements and processes in this dish! 
... I don't know if I'll have time to plate up!"

... and remember to wash up - a clean chef is a good chef! The kids loved getting into some water play too (of course!)

"Ha Ha" (Master B calls dogs 'ha ha's... because... that's what they say! *tongue out panting* )
By the way, this little orange cake on chocolate cake baby kept me busy for some 8 hours the day before - and being the equivalent of around 10 x cake mixtures, used some 21 eggs, 16 oranges, 13 cups of flour.... and a HUGE dollop of LOVE!! 

"Hooray!!!" ... Time to make a wish!

Ahh, life's pretty good at 2!

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  1. What a party! Lucky kids with you as project manager!

  2. Thanks mum! I have been learning from the world's best!

  3. great pics you did really well, and gee you're guests were very lucky receiving all those lovely goodies
    Parker family

  4. Absolutely precious, beautiful photos (: and a lovely idea <3 I still can't believe it was two years ago that we were rehearsing for our special adventure <3 Brooke.


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