Bath time play space!

Our little boy has always loved bath time!  

During his first few months, bath time helped both he and I make sense of our strange 24 hours/day-every-single-day schedule. Of course there were plenty of days I didn't have the energy to go through the whole routine, and I'm pretty sure babies don't really need to bathe daily - but making a point of enjoying a little water time towards the end of the day helped give our home life a bit of structure, was a nice change in scenery for bubs, and believe it or not - helped make me feel like we'd achieved something worthwhile in the day (in the same category as me getting a shower, the dishes getting done, changing out of PJs and going for a walk)!!

So far, we've kept bathtime entertainment pretty simple, cheep and cheerful - some of Master B's favourite bath time toys include: a classic little $2 squeaky rubber duckie, a yoghurt container, spray bottle, plastic container, juicer, funnel, scoop, tea cup, straws, purple turtle 'strainer' which came with the bath, a 'Green Toys' tug boat (made from 100% recycled plastic bottles), a little boat (thanks to hard rubbish festival collection), a couple of squirting sea creatures, an ice tray, and some non slip rubber ducks / sea life. ... essentially - the plastics cupboard and recycling bin!

Then there's the outdoor bath on a warm Summer's day, with recycled plant pots...

There are so many ways to make bath time fun (and use it as a learning opportunity too!) - singing songs with hand actions (or puppets - using the side of the bath as a makeshift puppet theatre), reading a story, washing independently with a flannel/face washer - crossing the midline, identifying body parts, practising blowing bubbles, playing with the home made musical shaker bottles or 'boats' (see post here),  and generally exploring and becoming confident with water. And while the little baby bath is great for saving water, serious splashing, kicking and 'swimming' calls for a proper, full bath!

We love counting down until the water is tipped over the head when hair washing and making strange sculptured hair styles with the soapy hair!

18 months
Then there's the candle lit bubble bath complete with calming music....  Stupid me for thinking this set up would relax Master 2 year old, helping him to wind down before bed - totally forgetting that the only time he'd ever seen candles in his life has been on birthday cakes! So when he saw the bathroom,  he entered a world of excitement - high pitched shrills, and "hoorays", arms thrown into the air and jumping about ... not quite what I'd planned, but still a fun kids' play space - so that has to be mission accomplished!!!
There are some beautifully creative ideas out there which we are yet to enjoy. In fact, I've just stumbled upon a website which has me bursting with inspiration and enthusiasm for putting more energy behind exciting, inviting bath time play spaces: Bath Activities for Kids.  - In particular, I love the 20 Simple Ways to Make Bathtime Fun.  Check it out!!

Turning your bath into a wonderful Kids' Play Space - what a great, easy, cheap, resourceful way to entertain kids if you don't happen to live in a palace or mansion!

What toys or activities do your little ones love during bath time?



  1. I bathed my children every day too. It was so good for the bed time routine and just wouldn't go as smoothly without it. So, my babies were always quite clean. he he.

    Now they love their bath but it's a time I really need to work on in regards to bath time play.

    1. Great to hear Penny! I'd love to hear about any ideas you get to try out! :-)


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