Dinosaur small world in a pot

Operation: Create an outdoor play wonderland - Phase 5 

Dinosaur small world in a pot

I am starting to really, REALLY enjoy our little outdoor area! I still love looking at inspirational play space ideas for bigger, grander gardens ... but for now - ours is not. In fact, the more I embrace the small spaces, the more I love them!

Inspired by so many gorgeous small world blog posts, such as Two-daloo's "Building Language with Small World Play" , My Nearest and Dearest's Forest Small World and Fantastic Fun and Learning's 12 Creative Dinosaur Worlds , it finally dawned on me... SMALL WORLDS! Of course! If our home was built for anything - it was built for small worlds!

Little surprises to collect and move between other pots...
... more little treasures to choose and add to the small world fun of the moment...
The pot plants seemed the obvious first place to set up some little multi-sensory, imaginary, play space, which could utilise lots of natural elements. 

At the moment, we don't seem to have many figurines in the house, but the few we did find seemed to lend themselves to a magical dinosaur land setting.

Even though I think it is most valuable to pick scenes for small worlds which are familiar to the child, I just wanted to try a small world in a pot, with the idea that the scene would likely change many times over the coming couple of years. 

The big dinosaur drank from the lake a lot
The result? I think our little adventurer loves it! He has taken himself quietly off to the pot plant small world most days since we built it:-)

So many smooth, shiny, colourful, precious gems hiding in the lake!
"Uh oh!" The little dinosaur, wizard and prince fell down off the mountain... which seems to also have crashed or disappeared somewhere too I've just noticed!!

So many different textures to play with in this small world - rocks, stones, tan bark, special gem stones, water, plants...
The big dinosaur drank so much water from the lake - it needed constant re-filling! - The pot plant didn't mind at all.
Fresh mint served as a yummy snack for the dinosaurs

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  1. Oh my goodness you have the best imagination. I love that there is a dinosaur, wizard and prince. Such an eclectic small world. I want to come play.

    1. Awww! Thanks Sam! A play date would be fun!! :-)

  2. I love how you've set up this space! I think you'll have a lot of fun trying out different small worlds in your outdoor area. One of my favorite things about them is that you can change them out easily as kids' interests change. Thanks so much for linking to our dinosaur collection.

    1. Thanks Shaunna! Too true - I'm looking forward to seeing which scenes develop from the changing interests:-) Love your site btw:-)


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