Follow the fence-line brick road

Operation: Create an outdoor play wonderland - Phase 4

Follow the fence-line brick road 

This little mission I'm on to convert our (small) outdoor space into a toddler's natural play wonderland is slowly taking shape ...and I'm pretty proud of this effort!

- a small section of empty fence line between our vegie/herb pots and the sandpit shell
- a pile of left over bricks with strips of white waterproof tape
- 2 small bags of different rocks from the hardware store
- a 2 year old lad getting right into the 'cars 'n things that go' world... and collecting sticks, tree bark and rocks on every walk!

The idea: 
- to maximise every inch of our outdoor area
- to take advantage of the section of fence line being on a slight slope towards the drain, collecting rainwater from the whole strip of units alongside us -  by creating a pebble/rock/stick river,
- to create a play space incorporating loads of natural loose parts - which can be added to over time,
- for the fence itself to form a kind of bridge over the road with sticks and other 'bits'...
- potential to change and morph the area as our little cutie's interests and skills develop :-) 


** This post is classified 'free' - as the bricks were recycled, the sticks/bark found, the tape was 'around the house', and only the 2 small, cheap bags of rocks bought - even then - they needn't have been bought. They could have been randomly collected along walks out and about at parks, bushwalks, the beach etc. 

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  1. Oh my goodness Anna, I absolutely love this idea and so would my son. It is most definitely "a toddler's natural play wonderland." Pinning because I must create a magical space in our backyard as well.

    1. Thank you Sam!! Maybe some little Thrive 360 Living inspired rock art somethings could be added to this section here?! Any ideas? Love spreading the inspiration!

  2. What a fabulous place to play. Love this!

  3. Oh my! My oldest would have LOVED this when he was little. I love how your little guy looks like he's completely lost in the play. What a dreamy play space you've created!

  4. Super cute! I love the way you added the white lines to make it feel even more like a road. Nicely done! :)

    1. Thanks Asia! I was actually surprised how well that tape has held up in the rain out there!


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