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This review is part of a series of toy profiles put together by request especially for our toy library - one of our community's greatest gifts to local children, and clearly a favourite toy resource for our family, where the 'toy budget' and space at home is tight! Do you have access to a toy library? Are you a member yet? Toy library locations in Victoria, Australia can be found here.

Toy Library Section: Beginners Play

This award winning, Swiss designed toy is advertised for children aged 2-7. However it depends how it is used - perhaps it can be for younger and older kids too! When I say award winning... it won ‘Toy of the Year’ in 2010! The question is, what is it?
Is it a rocking seat? a spinning ride? a hat? a mask? a bucket? a scoop - to fill and empty? a sand toy? a water play toy? an indoor or outdoor toy? a snail or turtle shell? a baby doll’s bassinet? a drum? a hill with caves for little animals? a cooking pot?....

In fact, it could be any of the above or anything else the child decides! The point is that it was never designed to be played or interacted with in only one way. The possibilities are endless - and encourage imaginative play. (As well as sensory exploration, balance, hand-eye coordination and social skill development possibilities). See for more details.

When our little one was building up his strength during tummy time - reaching out but not
 uite moving along, we used to hide things in the Bilibo (in or under!) for him to discover.  Another activity was to pop some items in it, which made a great sound when pushed/rocked (eg. keys, balls, tins, toys with bells in them, shakers...)

Be surprised by what your child chooses to do with it!

Disclaimer and explanation:  
No goods or payment from any toy companies are being received for the writing of these reviews. The reviews are my opinions only. One thing is certain - every child is different and is therefore likely to explore, play and enjoy different toys in their own way, at their own pace. And just like adults - kids have their own set of interests or passions they will be drawn to. Adults can encourage kids to develop through play, by providing them with a variety of play opportunities and toys; and my favourite play spaces have well organised, kid-accessible storage, and only a selection of 'toys' on display for kids to focus on -rather than overflowing with toys and 'stuff' that can become overwhelming and overstimulating! ... I am also a fan of the 'un-toy'!

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