Frog small world

Operation: Create an outdoor play wonderland - Phase 7

Frog small world

In an attempt to carry the 'surprise small world' idea through from small worlds in a pot, and to conceal some more 'plastic fantastic'... the idea of a little frog small world in our water table was born! Here's how the easy transformation took place and the fun had during the first set up...
Firstly, it was positioned directly next to the row of vegie/herb pots and over the top of one end of the fenceline brick road.

Then my little 2 year old guy helped to set the scene with water plants (herbs), rocks, stones, bark, and our little recycled bottle top froggies! The most serious and important business though, was filling our little pond with water, and I was told in no uncertain terms who would be in charge of that!

That took all of about 5 minutes - then we leapt right on into it! 

...scooping water from one part of the pond to the other, hiding and discovering the frogs, helping them bound and "RIBBIT" their way along the bark, over the rocks and into the water, making sure they were eating some leaves if they were hungry, and delicately skimming stones across the shimmery still surface of the pond (poor frogs!)...

Is that a pair of mini kitchen tongs on the far left of the frame, helping a frog to flip upside down on the hot frypan - err - cool pond? Yes, I do believe it is.

Time for a few choruses of our favourite froggy tune:

Mr Frog jumped out of the pond one day,
and found himself in the rain...  
(cue the recycled plant pot rain machine) 
said he: "I'll get wet! And I might catch a cold!....
ah.. ah.. ahh.. chooooooooo!" he jumped in the pond again!

With a few mates over, the frog pond was invaded by a train line construction and a few noisy engines (such is the way of this crazy, modern world!)....

... but I dare say they all learned to live cooperatively, side by side, happily ever after!!!

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'til soon, ..."Ribbit!"

Anna :-) 

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  1. Oh my goodness, you make the best small play worlds. I love the use of plants and the rain machine is genius! Too bad we don't live near each other, we could have a fabulous small world play date ;-)!

    1. We'd LOVE a small world play date! My son has been practising a pretty cute penguin waddle so please bring your fabulous South Pole ! Lol!!

  2. i am in the process of adding more small world play areas to my garden and love what i am seeing on your blog. Thanks so much for the ideas and sharing!!

    1. Thanks Pip! We are having a lot of fun in this process:-) I'd love to see what you come up with too!

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks so much! I'm off to check out your site now:-)

  4. Oh my goodness, this looks so inviting! I love how you nestled the water table into the greenery! And there's that little brick road that I love so much!!

    1. Thanks Jackie!! and hehe... our back 'yard' little outdoor area is so small it's hard to not show the entire area - brick road and all in a single photo!!! Anna:-)


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