Little rocking bird - toy review

This review is part of a series of toy profiles put together by request especially for our toy library - one of our community's greatest gifts to local children, and clearly a favourite toy resource for our family, where the 'toy budget' and space at home is tight! Do you have access to a toy library? Are you a member yet? Toy library locations in Victoria, Australia can be found here.  

Toy Library Section: Beginners Play

This lovely little rocking bird can be really engaging!
- A great cause and effect toy: warm bell tones sound and it wobbles/rocks about when touched
- No batteries required
- With nice, bright, primary colours, it's great for visual attention/tracking (whether the child or a friend/family member bumps it)
- It can also be activated outside of the child's visual field, "hidden" to encourage turning/ responding to the sound.
- Positioned in front of the child (on the floor or raised up on a pillow) during tummy time or to the side/anywhere - to encourage rolling / movement towards it.
- Children can activate it with the slightest touch, with anybody part - hands, arms, legs, feet, ...
- It can provide loads of positive reinforcement and opportunities for interaction, for kids to activate cause and effect toys like this one with a friend/family member. I.e. simultaneously getting a response from the other person who may clap, cheer, laugh, do a silly dance or pull a face when it rocks/makes a sound...
- It's also great for eye hand coordination development!!

So why not have a giggle and lots of fun with this cute little rocking bird!

Disclaimer and explanation:  
No goods or payment from any toy companies are being received for the writing of these reviews. The reviews are my opinions only. One thing is certain - every child is different and is therefore likely to explore, play and enjoy different toys in their own way, at their own pace. And just like adults - kids have their own set of interests or passions they will be drawn to. Adults can encourage kids to develop through play, by providing them with a variety of play opportunities and toys; and my favourite play spaces have well organised, kid-accessible storage, and only a selection of 'toys' on display for kids to focus on -rather than overflowing with toys and 'stuff' that can become overwhelming and overstimulating! ... I am also a fan of the 'un-toy'!

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