Outdoor puppet theatre

Operation: Create an outdoor play wonderland - Phase 8
Outdoor Puppet Theatre & so much more!!

Firstly, I should mention, that I have grander plans for this little space in our outdoor area. I know, there is only literally about a metre beside the custom built weatherproof storage unit and beneath the clothes line - but luckily, kids are little people, and love miniature everything:-)

I found this old art easel thrown out by the roadside early one Sunday morning on our way to swimming lesson, skidded to a stop, boot and seat belt released simultaneously, and in a flash it was shoved in around the pram - in all its imperfect beauty!

What do I love about it?
-It fits perfectly at the end of our outdoor space
-It is easily moved to access the storage cupboards
-It doesn't get in the way of the clothes line
-It can be repositioned anywhere outdoors actually
-The black and whiteboards are in terrible, disintegrating condition - but that's ok - material or plastic or card could easily be taped on to serve as a canvas, or it could be used as a frame for weaving materials or draping large plant fronds over
-It is such a cute little puppet theatre!
-It houses B's tipper truck and motorbike so well- like a little automotive garage!
-It is a perfect hiding nook
-With a kid sized chair and a large sarong draped over -  it is a fun outdoor quiet spot to read or have a cool drink and a snack!
-It's quite simply something different, outdoors, to spark imagination and add to the kid friendly play space!
For now, it's great fun and fills a space... but stay tuned for my other ideas for this spot!!

Thanks for visiting Kids' Play Space!
'til soon,
happy playing!
Anna :-)

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  1. This so looks like our home. I love this simple open-ended exploration! My kiddos are free to explore our big back yard and make forts and play spaces. They have created a fun tree house fort (on the ground) from broken limbs found in our yard. They like to sit and watch the birds. They even take our dogs into the fort. Very cute.

    1. Thanks for your comment Jeannine! I love seeing kids playing imaginatively with cubby houses and little nooks! How cute your kids invite the dogs in too!! Love it!


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