Train set accessories

Master 2 is currently OBSESSED with trains! Here's a snapshot of our current train set accessory collection, put together very quickly, out of recycled bits and other handy items that seemed to fit. They are so ridiculously basic that on the one hand, it seems a bit silly including them... but I think the fact that they are so ordinary and 'every day' should be celebrated!
1. The train station / little house
Using a cardboard box from the recycling bin as the house and a folded piece of card taped on as the roof, I simply cut out a door and window, covered it with red paper, and decorated it with white tape. "Hello! ...Tea time?" 

2. The rocky mountain
This is actually my personal favourite accessory! B enjoyed placing his treasured collection of rocks and gumnuts brought back home from walks in the little 'valleys' and 'clifftops' of this recycled packaging 'mountain'. A couple of mini cyclists added to the mountain scene amuse mama and daddy, being Tour de France season! Hehe!

3. The lake
A bowl, a few sheets of used blue tissue paper gift wrap, and a couple of swimmers! "Splish! Splash!"

4. Cars, buses, support engines...
More recycled packaging pieces - we thought they looked pretty good and ready for play without any extra embellishments or decoration!

5. A storage box 
A colourful empty tissue box is perfect for the little engines and people to 'sleep' between train playing sessions! Poking the pieces in one at a time through the small hole, encouraging little hands to move the pieces from the palm of the hand down to the finger tips is fantastic in-hand manipulation practise. Don't rush this part! 

And there you have it - 5 super simple DIY home made train kit accessories! They may only last a couple of days, maybe a lot longer... it doesn't matter. They are all so simple, free and fun, and that's what it's all about :-) 

I absolutely adore these pipe cleaner trees from Play Trains, straw freight pieces from Fun-A-Day and cardboard box train and car tunnel from Thrive 360 Living.

What simple, free DIY accessories have your kids teamed with train kits?

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  1. Thanks so much for including us. :) I love all the different bits and pieces you included for a train set. I especially like how you have so many recycled/upcycled bits and pieces.

    1. Thanks Mary Catherine!
      I love trying to be 'green' when thinking about play! Love your clever freight idea ;-)

  2. We got some little animals from the dentist and those are my son's favorite. He also just got two little rocks on vacation and they are the new cargo for the trains :) Gotta love changing it up just enough that they find more imaginative play!! Even if it only lasts a few days, they are interested in things you already have at home with putting them together differently.

    1. I totally agree Alison - it's so great seeing how even little changes to mix up the play environment can spark new (imaginative) interest in little ones! (even if it only lasts a half hour! lol!!)


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