Puppy dog walks

As you know, I'm a big fan of incorporating play into everyday living - but remember when out and about... 
I just love Master B's imagination! I had to giggle though, when he was concentrating hard on mimicking a little puppy perfectly - complete with tongue out "ha-ha-ha-ha" and baby growl style "vroff - vroff" barking...
and an actual dog with a frightening bark yelped angrily at him through the gap at the bottom of a fence. He couldn't believe it - sitting up on his 'hind legs' in sudden silence, looking around trying to sniff out where the animal was hiding!

Thankfully we weren't in a hurry to be any place special. I simply slowed right down to his pace, and followed his lead - bless him, those little legs were crawling as fast as they could with a fully waterproof suit on!! 
Any other little puppy dog walking kiddos out there?  

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