Kids' Magic Wand

So far, we haven't spent much time playing with paints - but with so many possibilities, I'd love to introduce young B to more painting fun. With a half hour or so to fill before dinner, a cheap star shaped wand from our local art & craft shop was perfect for decorating for a young friend turning 3.

It took about 2 minutes to set up a couple of different paint colours, brushes and stamps on a newspaper lined table; and around 2 seconds for B to start enjoying the different effects of the brushes/stamps ... but I was surprised and entertained to see that after a quick colour splash on the star wand, he mainly loved painting and stamping his hands! Swishing and swirling along the fingers and around the palm of the hand. (Sometimes then transferring the paint off his hand onto the star!) I love that he reminds and shows me constantly how to make activities more 'sensory'!!

While the paint was still wet, we sprinkled the mandatory magic, sparkly, glitter pieces onto the star  - which is a great fine motor exercise in itself:-) And then it was time for a quick test drive, casting a few magic spells, watching it glisten in the light... 

And cleaning up should never be rushed too much - time permitting, it's a whole other activity in itself! Learning independent skills as well as a bit of water and sensory play! We practised pumping a little soap, squelching it between the palms of the hands and washing the paint off each finger.

All that fun in just a half hour or so :-)

What are your kids' favourite painting activities?

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Happy playing!
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  1. I love how even the hand-washing was turned into sensory play! My daughter would just stand at the sink to play with water all day if she could!

    1. Thanks for commenting Emma:-) I love the extended hand washing too!!

  2. This is so darn pretty! Gosh I love a simple kid's craft that's gorgeous too! And the hand washing! I swear the hooligans love washing their hands just as much as they love getting them messy!

    1. Oh thank you Jackie! You are so right - forget the fun, messy, creative play set up... the washing up totally steals the show hands down every time!!! Makes me smile:-) ~Anna


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