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"Here goes nothing!" In a couple of days we'll be off overseas visiting family for Christmas/New Year! ... Read: A 14 hour flight, quick change, a 7 hour flight, super quick change, a 1 1/2 hour flight... (Plus a return journey of a 5+ hour train trip, overnight stop over, 7 hour flight, 6 hour LONG transit, and the final ripper: 14 hour leg home flight... and a decent car trip at the end to top it all off!)... with a 2 1/2, nearly 3 year old!! Are we crazy? "Arghhhhhhhhhh!"

Of course, I couldn't care less about what clothes, shoes, coats, etc we need to take... for me it is all about the PLAY! I'm dreaming of smooth, non eventful, sleep-filled, stress-free (even, relaxing) travel with our toddler! Of course, I'm also kidding myself - he is, after all- a toddler, and I'm bracing myself with all manner of tricks and tools! Here's the first of a variety of activity kits we'll be taking along with us... I have no idea how much entertainment value it holds - I'm hoping more than the first 20 minutes (otherwise, we could be in real trouble).

Firstly, I rescued an empty nappy wipes container. As it's Christmas time - sticking stars on some Christmas trees seems like a fun way to use the outside of the box. (Every bit of this box will has been considered!)
Pack: star stickers & a couple of extra little trees

 Pack: more stickers (they are light and take up very little space!)

Pack: a couple of crayons and some little drawings to colour

Pack: bottle caps (numbered), coloured popsicle sticks (with a little sticky backed valcro), a few pipe cleaners
Prepare: googly eyes on inside of box for novelty surprise factor, and some spots for the lids to be matched up...
Prepare/pack: little peg people - and colours/shapes on box to match up to...

Prepare: OK, this is my favourite part of the kit - I really really hope Master B loves this too! ...Sticky backed valcro on the back of the peg people - matching to coloured popsicle stick aeroplane wings! Zoooooooooommmmmm!!!!!
Pack: Coloured blu tac, measuring tape, and an assortment of imaginative play bits which young B is totally into at the moment: things that go, animals, people...
And finally:
Pack: a few elastic bands to hold the whole thing together (and for the odd musical interlude), and some clear plastic snap lock bags to organise the different parts, all stored within a large clear bag - easy to choose items through clear bags;-)

That's it for this kit! Wish us luck!!! I'll let you know how it goes down! ... and watch this space for the other activity kits I'm taking along (much less prep I promise - just quick and easy 'chuck in the bag and go'!

What have been your best toddler entertainment bits for travel/flights?

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  1. That is an impressive use of space & tons of creative ideas! Good luck on your long travels & happy holidays!

    1. Thanks so much for your lovely comment and good wishes Anon:-) We are having loads of fun with it currently!! Cheers! Anna :-)

  2. o my word! that is a box and half!!

    1. Thanks Nicolette! It was definitely a hit!! Anna:-)

  3. This is awesome! Definitely pinning so I can find this again when we're going on our next holiday. :)


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