3D Cereal Box City Construction Kit

First there was the super quick and fun Cereal Box City...which then morphed into Cereal Box City Dominoes... and now, in its third reinvention, I'm so happy to share the 3D Cereal Box City Construction Kit! Please note: I classified this play resource as 'travel approved' - which means that it was made in 5 minutes or less, so is totally 'rough and ready'!!! For proper instructions and cleaner, neater, more durable results, and gorgeous photos - I implore you to go directly to the source of my inspiration for this activity over at Happy Hooligans' Homemade Cardboard Construction Set and Meaningful Mama's Cardboard Stackers.

Those 3-4 cereal box city dominoes in a matter of minutes transformed into 3D train tracks, roads, buildings, rooms with one pair of scissors...

 And fitted together in so many ways! Oh the possibilities!

What a great bunch of cards, which can still be easily packed away in the handbag when out and about...

...And recreated in so many different ways - a true exercise for any little one's imagination, hand and problem solving skills! I kind of like the road and track markings, as they remind me of office buildings in a city scape.

And let's not forget that half the fun is in the tumbling and crashing down!

The best bit though, is that all the pieces can still be used to link flat roads and train tracks (never mind the cuts and snips - if my young B is any judge, they just make for a cool, exciting, 'bumpy' ride for the cars, trucks and trains) and it is still a game of dominoes too!

As we were leaving the country to come back home soon - this little set was left for B's cousin, who is 3 months older than he (3 years old), along with the remains of the Toddler Travel Activity Kit. Those two little munchkins sure will miss each other - they've had SO much fun playing together every day during our holiday:-)

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  1. Love that this collapses flat for travel. Brilliant!

    1. Thanks so much Maryanne! Travel toys were so much fun to make:-)

  2. Cool! I also like it because you can take it with you...Well..Actually you can even make it on the go :-)

    We did this castle a while ago that is based on the same principle of sliding through: http://www.outnumbered.be/craft-creativity/castle-crafts-from-cardboard/

    1. Thanks Angela! And thanks for directing me to your caste kit - very cool! I love toys you can make in a flash/on the go and with bits and bobs lying around! Anna:-)


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