Cereal box city dominoes

Nothing gets the creative juices flowing more quickly than travelling with a toddler! Every day is full of new, novel, easy to carry, quick to make, spontaneous play spaces, games and activities! During our recent travels, it's fair to say that most play ideas came 100% fresh from the imagination of our nearly 3 year old! (More on those improvised play 'jewels' to follow!)

Our Cereal Box City was a great success - that is, until one of the toddler play ideas happened to involve ripping the bridge/ tunnel structure into a million teeny tiny pieces!  - What a perfect excuse for infusing new life into the remaining train track and road pieces! So, out came the left over star stickers from our Toddler Travel Activity Kit and within the next few minutes, the 'domino effect' had taken place!

Besides, I was quietly impressed with the great impromptu fine motor work out that was taking place!  - Camera whipped out in a flash to capture the nicely developing bilateral hand coordination, lateral grasping and pincer/ tripod grip action: *snap - snap* [Proud OT mama right here:-) hehe!] ...So next time you have a few moments to fill with a new activity, you could always pull out a box from the recycled bin and request the help of your little ones to tear it to pieces to better fit the bin! Kids don't seem to mind the repetitive work - which gives them lots of practise!


Super easy to make and a fun visual perception activity too!

Once the tracks and roads are laid out - the scene is set for some more car, truck, train and digger chaos!
As it happened, we were not actually home so much so we didn't get much of a play with it (too little time and too many people to catch up with!)- but this little set of cards is easy to tuck away into a day pack/hand bag along with a little car or two, making it perfect for visiting friends/family or playing near the dinner table at a restaurant - I know - *gasp* - play on the floor at a restaurant? Well, we actually preferred young B and his cousins/friends playing next to us after the meal (usually between our chairs and the wall or window) as the adults talked and talked and talked after what was usually a lovely and extremely long lunch of a number of courses. Mainly, to be honest, because after all that food, it's without a doubt more hard work and more stressful chasing kids all over the restaurant and out onto the street!  

And even this is not the end of the life or the story of our little Cereal Box City! Watch out for the next transformation!

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  1. these look great, I'm sure my boys would love it too!

    1. Thanks Anna!! Making a set for your boys will be the best 5 mins spent ever!!


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