Invitation to paint a train with cardboard tubes

I am so excited to share this simple little invitation to play with you - I still have fresh paint on my fingers, and there is a slight risk that the living room may get a fresh coat as I type... So I'll keep this one short and sweet and let the photos I've literally just snapped - speak for themselves!!

I'd been busy (whilst catching up on some 'So You Think You Can Dance') crafting some last minute bits for the upcoming birthday party (can't wait to share that excitement soon too!)... and hated the thought of all this left over paint going to waste...

So in 5 minutes, I quickly taped down some paper to the table, scribbled the outline of a train and 'dot marked' the wheels and smoke clouds... I'll be the first to admit - I am no grand artist, but Master B was quick to identify the toot tooting chugga chugging machine;-)

And no further explanation was required for a surprise art session as Saturday morning's breakfast was being made! (NB. if the paint bits were too dry - I'd planned to just add a dash of water - but actually, they turned out to be a great consistency for the printing work!)

The cardboard tubing worked really well (a kitchen paper towel roll cut into bits) - and of course, I loved watching the eye-hand coordination, tripod grasping, and proprioceptive (pushing/printing) action!

He loved choosing the colours, and shouted out the name of each colour loudly before each print!

And now, I must run - there's a 'Things That Go' party in the making and I have an airport cake to bake (B is so excited - telling everyone he's going to eat an airport!)... watch this space!!

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