DIY Doctor Who Tardis Puppet Theatre

Any Doctor Who fans in the house? My husband got me hooked on the show years ago, and I'd say we are both big fans now. Young B hasn't yet seen a single episode - partly because we are super strict on the screen time front (he rarely watches TV at all), and partly because frankly I find it sometimes scary ... let alone the fact that the concept of time travel must be super confusing to a 3 year old who often struggles with 'yesterday', 'today' and 'tomorrow' - in sequence! But today's post is not about us... really...

We were so excited and surprised to receive an invitation to a Doctor Who themed birthday party... and even more, to learn that the birthday girl, one of Master B's best buddies: Miss T - is quite possibly the world's youngest and biggest Doctor Who fan - ever! Of course, we jumped into action: sonic screwdrivers, bow ties, leather jackets, and "Hello!... did somebody call for The Doctor?"... I think I hear the siren of the Tardis landing... but this time, it's a 3 year old version: an interactive, imagination-fuelled puppet theatre! 

It was really quick and easy to make! Perhaps quicker since I was made it myself, but B would have also enjoyed painting the box blue! 

  • Recycled office copy paper box and lid
  • Blue ribbon - cut into strips
  • Blue paint
  • A print out of a police box label and window pieces (or simply paint/draw them on)
  • Sticky backed valcro
  • Scissors, tape and glue 
  • A small torch (doubles as the police box light/siren; and a kind of sonic screwdriver - key too!)

  • Paint the box blue and wait for it to dry
  • Cut the doors and a small cross on the lid for the torch to poke through
  • Tape the cut ribbons onto the inside of the door (like a curtain)
  • Carefully pull apart the top and bottom of the box, and reconnect with sticky backed valcro
  • Optional: decorate the lid to hold it all together
  • Random crafty recycled bits and bobs for toddler decorating fun inside the Tardis
The most incredible and amazing part of the Tardis (apart from the fact that it can move between worlds and across time!)... is of course, that it is bigger on the inside! So, this little Tardis puppet theatre also boasts that mind blowing feature - just check out the pics below (next to my wonderful, quirky little family: AKA: Rose Tyler, the 9th Doctor, the 11th Doctor and the Tardis... hehe)!!

And then, Miss T (AKA: Amy Pond) and Master B (AKA: The Doctor) reunited, ate (sponge cake) fish fingers and custard, defied gravity, and had a pretty wonderful time partying ...

And when everyone had gone home to their respective planets and parallel worlds... Miss T got busy decorating the inside of her very own Tardis - toddler style, with bells, buttons, and magical switches, and stars from space, and as with every good time travelling home: photos :-)   

I like how it can be laid flat for easier decorating too! What a gorgeous job she did, and Amy and the Doctor look right at home in there too!

From all reports, this little toddler Tardis puppet theatre has been really enjoyed. In particular, it has been sighted zooming around all corners of the house, taking different friends for trips to all sorts of weird and wonderful places! I am seriously in awe of this child's imagination! Happy birthday Miss T! May you enjoy many, many awesome adventures as a 3 year old!
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