Behind the Blog - 5 Secrets Shared this Mother's Day

This Mother's Day 2014, I'm joining a whole group of blogging mamas in a blog hopping initiative of And Next Comes L, in exposing the sides of ourselves that usually don't make the blog- the real side. The photos that people generally see on our sites are all shiny, pretty, organised, calm and relaxed  - and might give an unrealistic and false impression that we're all cruisin' through life and totally on top of it all! However, in this post I'm going to let you in on a secret (five actually) ...  that we are all regular, ordinary, and perfectly imperfect mums too, struggling to balance it all! Although blogging is a time consuming labour of love, we are not 'super mums'! (Well, no more super mum than any other mum out there!! - All mums are super!)

So here goes a little behind the scenes snapshot of a kid-blogger's life, -mine actually:

Pfft! Weeds - who can honestly keep up with them?! But tipping rice into a container- now that I can do!...

Seriously, I could not even tell you when (or if) the creative toddler window decorating will actually be removed! But, when it comes to emergency bandaid treatments for random planes and cows- no worries! ... Just don't -whatever you do, take a wide shot photo!!!

Warning: Don't look next door in the bedroom!!!! ...

I know, I did promise 5 'Behind the Mum' secrets... 
See that photo at the top of the post? Such a joyful moment! It was taken at the Mother's Day breakfast at my 3 year old's childcare a couple of days ago. Well, because I know I am not the only mum who has to take short cuts from time to time (or often)... I'm not not afraid to say I did skip a shower that morning, and the greasy hair had to be swept back (sculptured quickly?!) into a ponytail again! 

I hope you've had a bit of fun reading this post! And I also hope, along with my blogging buddies, to have shown that we are actually all very ordinary mums who definitely don't have it all together!!

Our kids are regular kids too. Yesterday our family met another family at the park for a bike ride, play and spot of morning tea. B is usually drawn to the water features - and after some puddle jumping and splashing, it was inevitable he'd also play with the drinking fountain, and maybe even tip out the doggy water in the low bowl attached to the drinking fountain. What I wasn't expecting was for him to then get down in all fours and slurp up the doggy water like a puppy! Uh oh! Immunity building? 

There is no such thing as a perfect mother. We are all doing our best and that's all we can hope to do! Kids don't care if the place is dusted and the garden weeded, and they certainly don't care if we've managed a shower or not. They don't want expensive toys, cars or houses. Kids want our time, care, laughs, cuddles, surprises, love and respect. We can learn a lot about ourselves and life from kids:-)

Happy Mother's Day everyone!!!

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  1. These posts are making my day! I always wondered how I was the only one with the chaos behind the beautiful photos! LOL. I love your animal hospital by the way--next week's activity, coming up! Happy mother's day!

    1. Thanks for stopping by Ang! It's hilarious sometimes what the camera (or photo editing) chops out of the blog pictures isn't it?!! Anna:-)

  2. So much fun to read Anna! Love the bit about sticky fingered window prints! Ha ha ha - all over my kitchen window too! Yep - sometimes I feel like I'm living a double life as a blogger. Thanks for sharing! Sue @onetimethrough

    1. Thanks Sue! It's been so much fun reading everyone's posts this Mother's Day! And yes - the sticky fingered windows - I suppose one day we'll miss them!! Anna :-)


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